Shock Waves & Shrunken Heads show on radio LUX!

radiolux presents Shock Waves and Shrunken Heads. It's an hour of amazing and weird musical diversity, purportedly set on Kokovoko Island in the South Pacific. If you enjoy Tiki Bars, horror movies, video games and strange music, this radio show might be for you!
Shock Waves and Shrunken Heads is a weekly USA radio show hosted by musician and novelist Ken Gage
Originally created June 22, 2013 as a partnership with Radio LUX to follow in the "neo-retro radio libre"tradition.
The program purports to be broadcast from Kokovoko Island in the South Pacific and offer "surreal trophies of sound gathered on safari." The hour long program is actually a variety mix of world music, exotica, chiptunes, jazz, industrial metal, obscure electronica, horror punk, vintage commercials from the 1950s to the 1990s, rock and roll, novelty records and interviews with up and coming artists.
Shock Waves and Shrunken Heads on Friday at 8pm (europe)
On multi play, every Sunday at 6pm and midnight (europa)

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